Remnant countertops basically means leftover. A typical left over material from a slab from someone else's project is how we think of remnants.

What are some other types of remnants?

This could also be a left over piece from a bundle of other material. a single slab of stone could be hard to match to other material and make it difficult to use in another project. when this happens often fabrications will sell this left over material at a discount.

Providing access to stone fabricators and to remnant stone nationwide

What are remnant countertops used for?

Remnants are often used for smaller projects like bathroom vanities, fireplaces, and laundry rooms. Where the material does not have to match with other material and the amount of square footage is not in need of a full slab of material.

Why do some fabricators not like remanants?

It's an issue of resources. Like any business you balance your work load and your resources to maximize the profitability of your team. Some fabricators may not have the additional bandwith for your project or dont see the value in doing a small project.

This is why we created RemnantStone.

Our process is designed to notify fabricators in your area of the specifics of your need and to give them an opportunity to contact you concerning 1. that they are interested in the project 2. that they have the material or something that may fit your needs.

Providing access to stone fabricators and to remnant stone nationwide

Remnant Pricing of stone countertops

The pricing for remnants varies based on the stone that you are looking for the size of your project and the complexity of the design as well as the services that you require. The price of a remnant project $35/sf - $200 /SF) tends to be higher on a per square foot basis than a full kitchen project. The over all cost of the countertop is lower because it requires less material. This is because a remanant project is smaller but consumes the same amount of resources as a typical project.

How to save on your remanant project

Countertop material is heavy and difficult to transport. Slab material is very strong when moved in verticle position and sometimes depending on the design is transported with special bracing. Slab material is not very strong horizontally. if you transport a vanity flat in your car and hit a bump on the way home it could very easily break. If you are able to install the remnant material yourself you can save a lot of money. A large cost is the labor, transportation and resources for installation. These poeple are professionals at transporting and handling stone. If your project is too large for you to handle the material you should pay for the professional installation.

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